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Strata's roots go all the way back to 1948 with the founding of Soil Testing Services, STS. As STS built its strong reputation as a premier geotechnical engineering firm, their drilling capabilities became very well-known and respected. As STS helped to set the standard for Chicago and the rest of the country the drillers were asked to tackle some of the biggest projects and challenges of their time. It has been this irreplaceable experience that our drillers and managers, most of whom started with STS, use to this day to come up with innovative, cost effective solutions no matter how difficult the task.

This valuable experience was recognized by AECOM, one of the largest engineering consulting firms in the United States, when it purchased STS and the wholly owned drilling subsidiary, SEI, in 2007. This continued to open up opportunities for challenging projects all over the Midwest. The next step forward for this drilling operation takes us to the present day organization when Strata Earth Services, LLC purchased the drilling subsidiary, SEI from AECOM in 2010. Strata is owned and operated by Sara Knight, P.E. Sara is a geotechnical engineer and worked for STS and AECOM for the last 10 years prior to founding Strata.

Our tremendous experience, knowledge and vast capabilities are what sets us apart from the field and makes us a valuable partner on any size project. That said, it is our lineage of innovation, integrity and excellence that drives us at Strata today.

Geotechnical and Environmental Soil Exploration
Instrumentation and Monitoring Installation
Specialized soil sampling and in-situ testing
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Address : 530 W. Colfax Street
Palatine, Illinois 60067