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At Strata, personnel, resources and flexibility have enabled us to successfully complete some of the most difficult drilling projects under severe conditions. Whether it is something as standard as shallow flight auger borings or a more challenging job such as when we were called in to drill horizontal borings containing a variety of down-hole in-situ testing procedures from a 120-foot cliff, our goal is the same, to provide the best possible information to our clients.

Strata specializes in geotechnical and environmental drilling services. With an operation that stems back to 1948, our resources have grown to contain a veritable working library of drilling and sampling equipment including:
Sampling, In-situ Testing and Installation
Solid-stem Auger Drilling
Hollow-stem Auger Drilling
Mud Rotary Drilling
Rock Coring
Specialized Soil Sampling
Piezometer and Monitoring Well Installation
Packer Testing
Vane Shear Testing
Pressuremeter Borehole Preparation
Utility Indicators
Inclinometer Installation
CME-75 Truck Mounted
Mobile 61 Truck Mounted
Mobile 57 Truck Mounted
Diedrich 50 Truck Mounted
Specialized Soil Sampling
CME-45 Truck Mounted
Diedrich 50 ATV Track Mounted
D-25 Skid Mounted
Hi-Rail for D-50 Truck Mounted Rig
Low Clearance Rigs
Propane, Pneumatic & Electric Rigs
Platform for Steep Slopes
Our flexibility in obtaining quality soil and rock samples is accomplished with a diverse selection of tooling. Pitcher barrels for dense cohesive material, Giddings samplers for continuous recovery or fixed piston samplers and Lukas adapters for extremely soft soils. Depending on laboratory testing, split spoon and Shelby tube samples from two inches to five inches can be extracted. Rock coring both conventional and wireline sizes including NX, NQ, PQ, 4" and 6" are available as well.

As you can see, Strata has a broad range of capabilities and considers its clients true partners in the development of geotechnical and environmental solutions.
Capabilities Overview :

Geotechnical and Environmental Soil Exploration
Instrumentation and Monitoring Installation
Specialized soil sampling and in-situ testing
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Address : 530 W. Colfax Street
Palatine, Illinois 60067