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Welcome to Strata Earth Services, LLC. We are an industry leader in the subsurface exploration field. The reputation and experience of our drillers, managers and ownership set us apart. That combined with our resources and flexibility is what has enabled us to successfully complete some of the most difficult drilling projects under severe conditions. Our excellent track record has led to our drillers being selected to work on many of the biggest projects in the Midwest including much of the Chicago skyline. Strata's owner, Sara Knight, is a licensed Professional Engineer providing the technical expertise that gives our clients an additional edge.

At Strata, regardless of the difficulty of the job our goal is always the same, to provide the best possible information and service to our clients. That makes us a valuable partner on any size project and what motivates us to continue to be a leader in our field.
Geotechnical and Environmental Soil Exploration
Instrumentation and Monitoring Installation
Specialized soil sampling and in-situ testing
Office : 847-968-4863
Fax : 847-968-4866
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Address : 530 W. Colfax Street
Palatine, Illinois 60067